Tax Services & IRS Representation

With expert tax services and dogged IRS representation, you can do business without fear of the government taking more than its share

Protect yourself from overpaying on taxes and IRS audits

If you’re not aware of all the deductions and incentives that apply to you, you may end up overpaying on your taxes and losing that valuable capital. Worse still, if you underpay on your taxes for any reason, you may expose your business to an audit or even litigation. The consequences of these outcomes range from simple lost productivity to severe fines from the government and a tarnished reputation among clients.

Matrix Accounting Solutions will help you avoid all of this by providing professional, affordable outsourced tax services that will ensure your business only pays what is required of it. And, if the government does come calling, our veteran tax representatives will use the experience they have accrued over their many years of dealing with the IRS to protect your rights and guarantee you are treated fairly.

If the IRS audits your business, Matrix Accounting Solutions representatives will handle:

  • Power of Attorney
  • IRS Correspondence and Interactions
  • Tax Liens, IRS Levies, and Prior Year Tax Filings
  • Payment Plan Structuring