Merchant Services

With cutting-edge merchant services, you can modernize your business transactions without paying steep fees

Attract more customers by giving them more varied and secure payment methods

The modern consumer’s preference for electronic payment has spawned a host of new ways to pay. Keeping these options open is vital to acquiring and keeping customers, but if you don’t do it properly, you are exposing your business to errors in the payment process that can sour public opinion in an instant. Furthermore, electronic payment companies (e.g., credit card companies) charge fees for the use of their service, and if you don’t know the ins and outs, you could be overpaying.

Matrix Accounting Solutions works with all the major electronic payment platforms, and can quickly and efficiently set your business up to accept the market’s preferred payment methods. We’ll help you with the software, hardware, and training you need to make full use of electronic payments, and manage your systems moving forward to address any problems and errors. Our Merchant Services will make your company easy to do business with and more attractive to customers.

With Merchant Services from Matrix Accounting Solutions, your business will enjoy:

  • Higher cash flow from more customers
  • More accurate accounting from electronic records
  • Increased purchase sizes (people pay more when they don’t see what they are spending)
  • Better customer service from tighter control of assets
  • Broader customer base