About Us

We value long-term partnerships over short-term profits

The Matrix Accounting Solutions Way

A lot of people believe financial professionals to be cold, impersonable, and concerned only with numbers instead of the people they serve. Unfortunately, in many cases they are right, which is why we do things differently at Matrix Accounting Solutions. It may seem strange for an accounting company, but we prioritize compassion for our clients. The Matrix Accounting Solutions team always strives to build lasting, successful relationships as opposed to quick, lucrative deals, and in this way, we promote our clients’ success for the benefit of all.

About Matrix Accounting Solutions

Why Choose Matrix?

When you partner with Matrix Accounting Solutions, you won’t become just another account number in our ledgers. We work with all of our clients one on one to get to know them and their business in order to provide the highest level of personalized service. While this might seem expensive, we actually beat most of our competitors prices. The reason for this comes back to our desire to forge lasting partnerships with the goal of future growth. We’ll be with you for every step of your company’s journey, and (unlike most of our competition) provide monthly financial reports to track your success and plan for a brighter future.